Long Island Weight Loss

You Can Lie To Others, But You Cannot Lie To Yourself

I take a lot medication for Parkinson’s disease. So, when I was told that my cholesterol was high and that I would need to take another medication, it was time to see what else I could do to get my numbers down without any more pills.

My friend’s father has a heart condition and his weight was putting him at further risk, so he went to see Dr. G at the Long Island Weight Loss Institute in Westbury. As a result of their help, he lost over 100 pounds! It worked for him, so I was ready to give it a try.

I followed the program that was outlined for me and started losing weight rapidly. Because of my medical condition, my exercise regimen was limited to the use of a stationary bike for very short periods; but, I drank the shakes faithfully and kept up my regular activities. As my weight dropped, so did both my cholesterol and my triglycerides. My main number dropped from 296 to 184 without the use of medication, my triglycerides came down and my HDL/LDL ratio fell into the healthy range.

LIWLI Put an End to My Yo-Yo Dieting

For many years, my weight fluctuated and the proof is in the four clothing sizes that still hang in my closet. You probably know the routine: you lose weight only to gain it back and then some. So far, using the shakes, I’ve lost 44 pounds and not only look, but feel fantastic.

“…the person counseling me was a medical doctor, who really knew what he was talking about and could answer all my questions and explain how food was affecting my body.”

I’ll admit that the first two evenings on the shakes were tough, but after that it was easy to keep up the regimen. Now that I’m on a modified diet, it’s a bit tougher – after all, eating is a way of life for me. I take pleasure in cooking, love the aroma and enjoy the whole experience.

Eating dinner out on the weekends had become synonymous with success. A night out at a restaurant meant good times and plenty of good food. But, with Dr. G. guiding me, my perspective has changed dramatically. Now, when I go out, food’s no longer my main focus; I enjoy socializing and seeing friends. I can do that and eat half as much as I used to because I’m more aware of what I’m doing. The other half of the food gets enjoyed another night at home.

Three weeks after starting the modified diet, I had gained back a few pounds. But, unlike many of the other diets I had tried in the past, here there was someone to talk to. And, not only that, the person counseling me was a medical doctor, who really knew what he was talking about and could answer all my questions and explain how food was affecting my body. For instance, Dr. G. made it clear to me that while pasta has no cholesterol; it’s still a starch that breaks down into sugar which gets stored in the body as fat. The bottom line: losing weight is all about portion control and caloric intake. Dr. G. put me back on the shakes until I felt I was ready for the modified diet.

My Advice For Others

Go for it. After all, you can’t put a dollar value on your health. Like Dr. G says, you’re the CEO of a job and that job is taking care of your body. This is an investment in yourself and if you make the commitment, stick to the discipline and never lie to yourself or take shortcuts, then you’ll get the results you’re looking for – and those results are a lifetime of better health, feeling great and looking great, too. If you ask me, that’s priceless.