A Healthy Alternative Compared To Most Other Diet Programs

You’ve tried every diet program in the book — and then some. You’ve lost weight and felt pretty good. Then, you’ve gained it back and felt angry, depressed, even disgusted. You may even have resigned yourself to a life of obesity and poor health. The problem you have been having with your weight loss is a universal one.

Most people look at weight loss as a “quick fix” or a magic solution. You know by now that there is no magic diet program. There is, however, a healthy medical weight loss solution.

The solution is to look at your obesity as the very real and very dangerous medical condition it is. A disease, if you will. Then, recognize that to treat it properly and effectively, you’ve got to treat it with the help and support of a medical weight loss professional.

Medically Supervised Programs With Convenient Long Island Locations

Dr. Michael Kaplan is board certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, and he has long recognized the medical origins of obesity. With the establishment of the Long Island Weight Loss Institute, a medical weight loss center with locations in Amityville, East Meadow, and Smithtown, New York, he has made a commitment to work exclusively with people suffering from obesity — and the unhealthy effects of obesity. More than that, he has made a commitment to care for each individual under his care as an individual, providing them a diet program unique to their personal needs — both physical and emotional.

The Most Medically Sound Food Replacement Product On The Market

Dr. Kaplan and his team of medical weight loss professionals create a comprehensive, medically based diet program for every patient that includes a special dietary component, a one-to-one counseling component, and an exercise component. In many cases, the dietary component includes the use of the Long Island Weight Loss Institute Diet Program, the most nutritionally complete and medically sound food replacement product on the market. Once the old “food habits” have been broken, Dr. Kaplan and his medical weight loss staff create the appropriate food maintenance regimen and diet program designed for a life time of healthy eating habits.

You won’t find magic at the Long Island Weight Loss Institute, but you will find yourself. You’ll find yourself healthier, more fit, and more spiritually happy than ever before. Treat your obesity like the medical condition it is, and you’ll simply feel better in lots of important ways. Schedule your consultation today!