Medical Weight Loss Telemedicine Programs

Long Island Weight Loss Institute is now offering a telehealth option for most of its weight loss programs which allows you to set up a meeting with your provider in the convenience of your own home.

Meetings will be by telephone or via a video conference application such as Skype or Facetime. A video meeting is required for your initial office visit, however, most follow-up visits can be performed by telephone.

How Will Weigh-Ins Be Performed?

We will be relying on your home scale weigh-in for your weight. Have this ready prior to your visit.

How Will Prescriptions Be Prescribed?

For controlled substance prescriptions such as Phentermine, Vyvanse or Phendimetrazine, you must provide us with a time-stamped photograph of your blood pressure which was taken on the day of your visit or you could check your blood pressure during the visit while speaking with the provider on video if you own a BP cuff.

A second option is to go to your local pharmacy and take a photo of your blood pressure measurement.

A third option is to reach out to your insurer as many will send you a free cuff for home blood pressure measurements.

Non-controlled substances will be prescribed electronically directly to your pharmacy without a blood pressure check.

Is the Telemedicine Option Covered By My Medical Insurance?

We do not accept insurance for telehealth visits. Initial consultations need to be done as a live in-person office visit. follow up visits could be done via telehealth at a cost of $130.

If you are interested in our Telehealth weight loss program, please request a consultation today.