Hello, and Welcome.

When I started practicing medicine, I recognized very quickly that treating people with weight problems wasn’t simply a matter of telling them – even helping them – to eat less. The fact of the matter was that although these people didn’t want to be obese, they had yet to find a way to take the weight off – and keep it off. It was a constant challenge, and a frustrating one.

Upon further study, it became apparent to me that obesity was, in fact, a disease and needed to be treated as a disease – medically. It also became apparent to me that obesity was based on addiction; addiction to food and addiction to an unhealthy pattern of eating.

It was with a desire to help and treat people with the “obesity disease” that I moved into bariatric medicine, dealing specifically with the needs of the overweight individual.

My belief is that to break any addiction you need to start from scratch, establish new behaviors, establish healthy habits and healthy patterns for living. That is why Long Island Weight Institute was created and why we offer the types of diet and weight loss programs we do. All of our diet program options are based on one of three therapeutic pathways, but each is fully individualized to meet the needs of the patient. I don’t believe in group solutions or group therapy. Everyone who suffers from the challenges of being overweight has a unique personality and, therefore, requires one-on-one weight loss treatment.

Our diet program options include our Long Island Weight Loss Institute Diet Program, a high-quality meal replacement formula that offers all of the nutrients required for good health.

But, it is not the Long Island Weight Loss Institute Diet Program alone that makes up the Long Island Weight Loss diet programs. We believe that, as with any addiction, you must treat the whole person – inside and out. That is why we include personal weight loss counseling and an exercise regimen as part of our diet programs. We also offer most of our weight loss programs via our remote Telehealth option.

I personally invite you to come in and talk to us about your individual weight loss needs. Our medical weight loss staff is comprised of Board-certified physicians and other specialists dedicated to the field of obesity medicine. You will find us compassionate and easy to talk to, but determined to help you find your way to a healthier lifestyle.

If not covered by your insurance, our initial weight loss consultation fee is only $400, and there is absolutely no obligation. It’s up to you to decide if our diet programs are right for you.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Michael S. Kaplan