As a mother of two daughters, I wanted to be a good role model and have a good self image. Even at 186 lbs., I carried my weight well — so it wasn’t an obvious problem. Still, ever since my first daughter was born — that’s seventeen years ago — I wanted to shed the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. While trying to lose those pounds, I became pregnant with my second child. After she was born, I found it harder still to drop the weight.

Going on a diet can be dangerous and yet within the pages of virtually every woman’s magazine is another fad diet along with several pages of delectable recipes for peanut butter brownies and death-by-chocolate cakes. After a while, it becomes all too clear that the editors are simply interested in selling magazines — and not really concerned with helping anyone lose weight.

I wanted a diet that was safe for me and turned to my family physician for help. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to get involved and offered no advice other than “eat less.” He didn’t even think to refer me to a Bariatrician or a physician specializing in weight loss. It was very frustrating. All I wanted was the help of a health professional and no one seemed willing to step up to the plate.

I gave up on the magazines and, since I don’t like to eating processed foods, I was uncomfortable with the prepackaged, preserved and premeasured food plans that were becoming so popular. So instead, I started searching the Internet for answers. That’s when I stumbled on the Long Island Weight Loss Institute. I was skeptical at first. But, at least they were doctors.

Help From Caring Doctors

They did an EKG and full blood workup before starting me on a liquid diet that lasted a few months. Here again, I was somewhat skeptical, but the results quickly spoke for themselves. Within two days, I had already begun losing weight. It was hard at first having to prepare regular meals for my family, but after just five days on my special diet, my sense of smell intensified. I became conscious. I could tell if the food I was cooking was too salty, had too much fat or wasn’t healthy. It’s like I suddenly woke up and had a heightened sensitivity to healthy eating.

Well, that sensitivity would serve me well in the months ahead. It was this awakening that allowed me to say “no thank you” to those once-tempting, fried appetizers and other equally unhealthy food choices that were set out in abundance at summer parties. As a result, I enjoyed party hopping and didn’t gain a pound! In fact, I maintained my 40 pound plus weight loss.

A Set Back and a Comeback

Unfortunately, my undoing came a few months later when my dog of seven years was hit by a truck. It wasn’t just the loss of a friend that sent me into a downward spiral; it was the guilt I felt over what had happened. I began to eat as if in a fog, totally unconscious of what I was eating. I became depressed, stopped exercising, didn’t care about how I looked and just stopped everything.

The turnaround came when my husband dragged me out to a breeder and convinced me to pick out a pup. He did such a convincing job, that I picked out two — and that was just the therapy I needed to get me back on track. When I decided to go back to the Long Island Weight Loss Institute, I knew that I could return and there would be no criticism and no reprimands – I could just get back to the business of getting back in shape. Knowing that Dr. G wouldn’t be critical, but would help me and understand, gave me the courage to return to LIWLI.

Feeling Good Is a Process

You take it one day at a time. At least now, I know that there is a place I can go to get back on track that works. That assurance is important to me. Sometimes, things happen in life and we need a caring, supportive pair of arms to lift us up and get us back on our own two feet. That’s what I find at the Long Island Weight Loss Institute. It’s about healthy weight loss and finding the right balance in your life. That goes for everything: food, emotions, family, career, responsibilities and making room for joy in your life. Healthy living is a lifelong process and, sometimes, we find that a little guidance goes a long way toward helping us achieve happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.