Better Self-Image

While you’re on your way to building a better body through diet and exercise, remember to love the skin you’re in. Start with some mental reprogramming. If that little voice inside your head keeps pointing out your faults, try recording over those misguided messages with some positive self-talk. Stop fixating on your flaws and instead concentrate on your strengths. By countering negative thoughts with positive ones, you’re actually setting yourself up for success. Building a positive self-image goes hand in hand with building a better body.

Stop Being Neurotic about Your Body

Not only is stressing out over a “less than perfect” body a non-productive activity, but more often than not it can leave damaging marks on those around us. Kids, for example, learn from us and tend to mimic our body-image issues. If you want your kids to grow up with healthy eating habits, then model healthy body-image attitudes. Neurotic obsessions about dieting can trigger dangerous eating disorders in other family members.

Stop your obsessive behavior. Don’t scold yourself for little indulgences and stop getting upset and depressed each time you glance in a full length mirror. Remember, your disapproving attitude toward your own body will reflect in your children’s attitudes about theirs.

Treat your Body with Respect

Stop hating your body. Why not start building a better body image today and treat yourself right? Learn to relax. Indulge your senses. Take time out to pamper yourself with simple pleasures. Fill the bath tub, toss in your favorite bath oils or bath salts and lean back and luxuriate. Or light an aromatherapy candle and sink into a relaxing meditation. Splurge on a manicure, pedicure or a massage that makes you feel special. Give yourself these gifts as an expression of self love.

Wear clothing that fits and flatters your body. As you lose weight, shed those baggy breaches! And, if you’re in the process of losing weight, don’t force yourself into too tight clothes. You won’t feel or look good in clothing that is a size too small – you’ll just end up frustrated and discouraged. Wear what’s comfortable and flattering on you right now. Don’t worry – with the right attitude, you’ll be donning a smaller size in no time.

Remember, if you dislike the body you live in, you may end up disliking the person who lives inside it as well.

Drop those unhealthy comparisons. At almost every turn, you can see size 6 bodies splashed all over our TV screens and magazine ads. Is that the image you truly want for yourself? After all, why be someone you’re not – when you can simply be the best you.

Start eating right and get more exercise. If you dump truckloads of processed foods into your body and sit around all day, it’s going to be very hard to feel good about yourself. Proper nutrition and regular exercise will give a natural boost to your self-esteem.

Acknowledge that Thoughts Count

As you work on building a positive body image remember to:

  • Recognize negative self talk concerning your body – and change it.
  • Stay away from people who make offhanded comments about weight, dieting or body loathing.
  • Concentrate on thoughts and activities that will enhance your health and well being.
  • Focus on your achievements and successes.
  • Get rid of feelings of fear, guilt and regret – these are non-productive emotions.

You’ll soon find that a change in attitude can lead to a better outcome: a positive body image and better body.

See What Really Makes You Attractive

What is it that people really notice about us and what makes us attractive?

  • Your attitude – More than the size of your thighs, others notice how unhappy you are. If you have a positive self-image, then you are bound to be more attractive.
  • Your energy field – Recognize your body for what it can do. Strengthening exercises, yoga, dance and walking are energizing. People see energetic individuals as more attractive.
  • Your personal strengths – Next time you look in the mirror, how about focusing on the fact that you have great eyes, terrific hair, beautiful hands or a wonderful smile. Accentuate these positives and in no time at all, you’ll notice others focusing on them, too.

Finally, don’t put your life on hold while working on weight loss. Live life to the fullest and spend more time enjoying healthy foods, exercise and life’s simple pleasures. Enjoy your friends and family. Get out and do more: walk, jog or bike. People will find the new you more beautiful than ever.