Trying to get fitter in 2018? A regular gym routine might not cut it. While exercise is a key component to building strength and losing weight, there are a variety of benefits to different types of exercise. Depending on your particular fitness goals for 2018, achieving them might mean seriously switching up your routine. Try adding one of these to your regular exercise regimen, and see what they can do for you:

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a method of exercise that involves working out hard for a set period of time, then bringing down your intensity, then ramping it up again. This causes your heart rate to increase and decrease several times over the course of the workout. The more muscles you involve in your workout, the better it is for both building your endurance and triggering weight loss. Try exercises like running or indoor cycling to see the benefits for yourself.

Boxing or Kickboxing

If regular gym routines are boring for you, boxing or kickboxing might be a great alternative. They provide a form of interval training, as well as strengthening your arms and core. Since you have to strategize and respond to an opponent, boxing and kickboxing also help keep you from giving anything less than 100% every time. A good boxing workout can burn up to 500 calories in as little as half an hour, making it a fun, interesting way to increase your calorie deficit for weight loss.


While yoga might not be the biggest calorie-burner out there, it has its place. Yoga can improve your strength and flexibility, as well as help you vary your exercise routine. Since it’s a very low-impact exercise, it’s great for seniors and other people who may wish to avoid putting a lot of strain on their joints. It also provides some stress-busting relaxation and mental benefits, which can help boost endorphins and improve stress-related health conditions.

Tai Chi

Tai chi isn’t the most hardcore exercise out there, but that may be one of its best features — almost anyone, at any fitness level, can do it. It doesn’t put a lot of stress on joints, bones, or muscles, making it as suitable for seniors as it is for young people. Like yoga, tai chi also has some serious benefits for the brain, helping to protect and improve cognitive function in older people. Even if you’re not a senior, give it a try when you’re looking for an active way to meditate or inject some variety in your routine.

Aerial Acro

If regular exercises just don’t excite you anymore, it might be time to take to the air. After all, giving your workouts your all a few times a week is better than only giving half of what you’re capable of every day. Not only does aerial work improve your strength and flexibility, it’s fun! Give it a try to help improve your upper body fitness, get rid of tension, and enjoy yourself.


The health benefits of dancing are well known, but Zumba helps take them to the next level with fun, high-intensity workouts that help improve your cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, and muscle tone. If regular cardio isn’t doing it for you, or you find your gym routine dull and repetitive, try a Zumba class or two. You’ll get all of the benefits of working out, without feeling like you’re working out.

While losing weight and improving strength and endurance are key aspects of fitness, they’re not the only ones. The best exercise routine is one that you can approach with enthusiasm, and challenges your mind as well as your body. By adding new, different exercises, you can help make sure you bring your A-game to every session and get the most benefit from every exercise you do.