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Physician Supervised Medical Weight Loss With a Solid Track Record of Proven Results

Long Island Weight Loss Institute is a medical weight loss clinic that helps individuals lose weight through various physician supervised medical weight loss programs. Run by Dr. Michael Kaplan, the Long Island Weight Loss Institute has helped many people lose weight, naturally improve diabetes and hypertension management, and look and feel their best with proven medical weight loss diet programs.

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"I've be coming here since July of 2012 and I have been losing weight ever since. I feel so much better since I lost the weight. I have much more confidence, much more "get up and go," much more energy… I feel great!"

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  • Sleep Apnea and Weight Loss

    Sleep Apnea and Weight

    Doctors and sleep specialists have long known that sleep apnea places their patients at a higher risk of issues like high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke and that obesity increases the risk of sleep

  • 13 Ways to Naturally Boost Mood

    13 Natural Ways to Boost Your Mood

    We all have those days where we feel uninspired, frustrated, or as if nothing is going the way we’d like it to.  When too many moments like this occur in a short period of time

  • Lifestyle Choices: Dieting vs Healthful Eating

    Lifestyle Choices: Dieting vs Healthful Eating

    Both dieting and eating healthy provide us with the opportunity to be healthier, feel great, and help us toward our weight loss goals. So, which one is right for you?  First, let’s take a look