Say NO to New Year's Resolutions

Every year during January, countless people make well-intentioned but ultimately fruitless New Year’s resolutions. As tempted as you might be to join in on making lofty declarations of change in your life, you’ll do better by saying no to New Year’s resolutions.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Do Not Work

So why exactly should you say no to making New Year’s resolutions? In a proverbial nutshell, they simply do not work out for many people.

In fact, many people abandon their New Year’s goals in January for a variety of reasons. Some people never got started with making changes after the turn of the year. Other people made a solid effort but ultimately realized their efforts were hopeless simply because they were not prepared to make real changes in their lives.

Additionally, New Year’s resolutions often fail because of lack of accountability. They go about the process alone and do not have anyone to encourage them to keep going. Because no one is sharing in their goals, many individuals feel little shame when they abandon their resolutions.

People give up early on their resolutions because they lack real motivation to see them through to the end. They might have awakened on January 1st with every intention of making changes in their lives during the upcoming year. However, as January progresses into February and March, many people lose interest and become bored, finding it easier to lapse back into old habits from last year.

Finally, New Year’s resolutions often do not work out because many attempt to change too many things all at once. Their resolutions are unrealistic which brings about feelings of frustration. Rather than see any of the resolutions through successfully, they feel overwhelmed by their lofty goals and abandon them altogether

So do all of these reasons mean you should not make any changes in your life during the new year? Of course not. Rather than make resolutions, you should instead approach any goals you have in mind more realistically, so you have a better chance of succeeding.

Taking a Different Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

Your Why

Before making any resolutions, you should figure out your driving force – why is it important for you to reach your goal. Many times, the answer seems so simple; I want to lose weight. But when you dig a little deeper, oftentimes your why is more profound; I want to be the healthiest I can, so I can be active with my children and give them a healthy role model to look up to. When you feel that your motivation is waning, remembering your why will give you that boost you need to keep going!

Think Small

Instead of making one lofty resolution for the New Year, set small weekly and monthly goals. For example, instead of making a goal of losing 60lbs, set a monthly goal to lose 5 lbs. Then break that goal down into mini weekly goals. Your weekly goals could be drinking more water, cutting back on dessert and going on more walks. Focus on each goal, one at a time. Setting small attainable goals each week and month will make reaching that goal easier and sets you up for success!

Ask for Help

Another great way to make sure you succeed is to ask for help with your goals. You need some accountability, so you do not feel like you can back out on your efforts without anyone noticing. If you want to lose weight, tell your friends or trusted relatives so they can be your cheerleader! You are more likely to stay on track and give the goal your best effort when you have someone holding you accountable for your actions.

Get Back Up

Finally, do not be so hard on yourself if you do fall off track with your efforts. Sometimes the best lessons are hidden in hard times! The important thing to remember is that you are doing your best to make improvements in your life. Dust yourself off, pick yourself up and get right back where you left off.

These tips can help you make better changes in your life during the New Year. They make any goals you have in mind more attainable and avoid the loftiness and unrealistic nature of New Year’s resolutions. They also give you some flexibility and freedom to work on resolutions at your own pace.