Gym Treadmill Exercise

Losing weight after my son was born was a bit of a struggle, but it came off fairly quickly using a popular diet plan and regular exercise. However, that wasn’t the case after my daughter was born. I tried several different weight loss systems and exercised two hours a day only to lose just one pound a month!  What I needed was to see some results from all my hard work.

Before my kids were born I wore a size 2. I’m only 27 and not ready to look old, but excess weight has a way of adding years to your appearance. I tried working with an online weight loss program, but it was inconvenient, especially with two kids, to have to log in and check numbers and make food journal entries. I was stuck in a weight loss rut and needed hands-on encouragement.

What to Do Now?

The Long Island Weight Loss Institute was not far from my home and I decided to stop in for a consultation. They suggested Mesotherapy along with a liquid diet and appetite suppressants. I put things on hold for a while until I noticed that they had begun offering SmartLipo™, a laser technique that is said to be safer and gentler than traditional liposuction.

I wanted the fat gone and exercise alone wasn’t helping. Now, please understand that I actually enjoy exercise – I’m a loyal gym rat. So, my problem did not stem from lack of exercise. This was fat that just wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I worked out.

I was nervous and fearful, at first, about SmartLipo™, but in my heart I knew that this was the right answer for me. The extra weight was a burden that I was no longer willing to bear.

After talking with Dr. G at LIWLI, my nervousness melted away. The doctors and staff made me feel comfortable and were very reassuring. Dr. G gave me detailed information and told me step-by-step what to expect during, and after, the procedure.  There wasn’t a single question left unanswered.

No Support From Family

My husband was against my having the procedure. He felt that I looked fine, but it all boiled down to the fact that I wasn’t feeling fine about my appearance. So, I scheduled the procedure. I had to wait six weeks. Meanwhile, appetite suppressants were prescribed to give me a head start on weight loss before SmartLipo™. I remember losing four pounds in a single week. That’s about half the weight I had lost after an entire year on my other weight loss program! I was beginning to see results – and that was hugely encouraging.

When the day finally arrived, I took a cab to their offices. The procedure uses a laser, so it’s minimally invasive and done using a local anesthetic. So I wouldn’t be experiencing any of the side effects of being under general anesthesia. After the procedure, Dr. G told me to take it easy for a few days. But with two small children, that was going to be close to impossible!  So, instead of going home, I took a cab to a nearby hotel.

There was no bruising, but some swelling and tenderness for a few days. It sort of felt like I’d had a deep tissue massage and the masseuse had used a little too much force. There was some soreness that took a couple of days to completely subside. But, by the third day, I was ready and able to get back to my family and daily routines without any discomfort.

So, I tell people not to be afraid of having the procedure – even if you don’t have the support of family and friends. After all, this is a very personal decision. You’re the one who has to feel good about yourself. Don’t let what all the well-meaning people have to say discourage you from making the right choice for you.

If you have small children, my advice is to give yourself a three-day window in which to have the procedure and get the needed rest. Find family or friends who can watch the kids or get away like I did.

After SmartLipo™

People notice the change and think “wow, she’s really working hard and getting back into shape.” Well, I do go to the gym regularly and take appetite suppressants to help keep my food portions in check. So, now six weeks after SmartLipo, I’m looking good, staying really motivated, getting closer to my BMI goal and best of all feeling great about my appearance – and that has made all the difference.