Eating healthy and maintaining your exercise routine while on vacation may seem like an effort in futility. With some pre-planning and a positive attitude, it is absolutely possible to enjoy your getaway and stick to your fitness regimen. Consider integrating these six, simple tips into your next vacation plans.

Be Prepared

Packing your snacks ahead of time is a tip that many health-conscious people follow on a daily basis. It is especially important when you are on vacation. This healthy habit puts you in control when hunger hits. Keeping protein-packed snacks, such as almonds or a low-sugar meal replacement bar, in your bag prepares you for those moments when the need to eat hits you. Preparation is key when you are committed to eating healthy and achieving your fitness goals while on vacation.

Eat In

Try to have at least one meal at home or in your hotel room per day. Eating out greatly limits your food choices. Much of the offerings in restaurants are high in saturated fat, sugar, and calories. You may be able to stock hard-boiled eggs and yogurt in your hotel fridge. Bring along a few oatmeal packets and use your coffee maker to boil the water for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Extended stay hotels offer rooms with small kitchenettes. If you stay in one of these, you will be able to control the food you eat for most meals during your stay. This eliminates the temptation of overeating and making poor choices.

If you are staying with a friend or relative, offer to make one meal a day for yourself and your hosts. This way you can control exactly what you eat and share your culinary talents with your hosts.

Do Your Restaurant Research

Making bad meal choices usually happens as a result of poor preparation. Arrive in your vacation city with a little knowledge of what food options are nearby. When the “where should we have dinner” question comes up, you will be ready with a healthy suggestion. You can also impress your friends, colleagues, or family with your knowledge of the city. You will be able to direct everyone straight to your healthy dinner spot without a lot of hassle or endless debate over where to eat. Have several options ready for suggesting.

Limit Cocktails and Desserts

Enjoying a drink before your meal or by the pool is to be expected while on vacation. Do your best to limit the caloric intake of your indulgences. Steer clear of sugary frozen cocktails and specialty concoctions with unknown ingredients. Skip the straw and sip your drink slowly to make it last as long as possible.

When ordering a dessert after your meal, confer with your friends and choose something for the table to share. This way, you won’t feel deprived but you will also avoid consuming the full calories of the entire dessert. When possible, choose a fruit platter or sorbet as your dessert.

Find the Nearest Gym

Many hotels are equipped with exercise equipment for its guests. Take advantage of this by booking with hotels that offer an exercise center. Use the gym before heading out each day. The hotel pool is a great way to slip in an effective, cardiovascular workout. Additionally, some hotels offer yoga and exercise classes. Perhaps try something you haven’t tried before like water aerobics or poolside yoga.

If your vacation accommodations do not have a gym, you can easily pack a lightweight jump rope or exercise band to use in your room for a quick workout. You can always utilize the floor space in your hotel room for exercises like sit-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and yoga postures. No equipment needed!

Incorporate Exercise into Your Vacation Itinerary

You may be staying in a scenic area that has nearby parks and attractions that are walking distance from your hotel. Lace up your sneakers and enjoy a walk in the park or along a harbor or marina. This is a great way to sightsee and burn calories at the same time.

While on vacation, be sure to schedule activities with your fitness goals in mind. Consider hiking, biking, swimming, skating or paddle boating. If the weather is good, take advantage of it by seeing the sights on foot instead of by taxi or car. Travel to all your local destinations on foot or bicycle.

Opportunities to stay fit and eat healthily are everywhere, even while on vacation. The eating tips and fitness suggestions listed here can help keep your routine in check and allow you to return from your vacation with no regrets. Once this becomes a habit, you will anticipate your next get-away with the knowledge that you can have a great vacation and also stay fit and healthy.